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iPhone repair

iPhones are very popular devices manufactured by the Apple company. This is a company that made a revolution in the cellular market somewhere in 2007. Apple was the first to introduce touch screens to the phone market and since then all cellular manufacturers have been producing touch screens of different sizes and qualities. It's rare for you to see a cell phone screen without a touchscreen today.

Apple devices come with their unique operating system which is manufactured for Apple-made laptops, and the components on the iPhones are also manufactured by the company. Because of the uniqueness of the operating system and the components inside the device, it is very important to carry out iPhone repairs in a laboratory that is well-acquainted with the device.

What iPhone repairs are done in the lab?

In this article, we will list three common malfunctions of iPhones of various types that can be fixed in cellular laboratories.

  • Screen replacements on various iPhones

The iPhone X, for example, is a very high-quality and very fast device, as well as invest in it in visibility and its screen is very large. A screen with a larger surface area is a screen that can be damaged more quickly when falling and in more unusual cases may shatter completely. We recommend coming to the lab and fixing your iPhone screen in the lab. The new iPhone 11 is also known for many drops due to the metal back, which slides very easily. You should buy a high-quality screen protector and cover for both of these smartphones.

The touch screen problem on iPhone

One of the common models with this problem is the iPhone Type 6 Plus is an amazing device in its capabilities, its Achilles heel is the very vulnerable touch screen. The smallest blow or fall can create problems with the touch of the device. On iPhones, the touch consists of two components that depend on each other. When the touchscreen fails, the technician will have to replace these two components. We recommend going to a selfie lab in Ramat Gan to get a quality repair of the touch screen.

  • Malfunction of the charging port on the iPhone (or wireless charging)

A lot of customers who come for the repair of the iPhone 8, for example, come with a charging problem on the phone, due to a malfunction in the charging port or connecting to a docking station for wireless charging. Sometimes due to the finesse of the device, the charging component inside the iPhone device breaks down or does not sit well. This can happen as a result of even a small fall or dirt. The component can be replaced in the lab, just make sure the lab uses original components for Apple devices, otherwise, your device will not work properly.

One of the very common problems, especially in the latest models of the iPhone after the iPhone X, the models that suffer from this problem are:

  • iPhone X

  • iPhone XR

  • iPhone Xs

  • iPhone Xs max

  • iPhone 11

  • iPhone 11 Pro

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • iPhone 12

  • iPhone 12 pro max

  • iPhone 13

So where do you turn to fix your iPhone?

We are a mobile service, with extensive experience in repairing iPhones, we know all types of malfunctions and we have advanced and professional equipment for diagnosing the malfunction correctly and quality repairing it.

With us, you will receive professional, quality, and courteous service from the best of our experts. You can put your phone with us with the confidence that it will come back to you right and with new and original components.

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